Thursday, September 21, 2006

This Icarus is a bit unusual compared to everyone else's shawls. Because its recipient will be (literally) climbing either Mt. Everest or a nearby mountain, I decided to use Catalina's Alpaca worsted weight with my aluminum Inox US9 circulars. When I ran out of yarn for the last 2 rows of Chart 4 and could not get another hank, I decided to use a different yarn (similar to the colorway) altogether. Here is the result of Rasha's Icarus. I enjoyed knitting this project, but must admit that if I had to knit it in laceweight instead of the light worsted, I would get bored with Chart 1. I loved how the BO looked, and will be incorporating that technique in other patterns. This shawl was already huge unblocked! Please note the DVD case included for scale. I had displayed it at the Boston Knit-out and Crochet Too! event this past Sunday.

Yarn (MC): 3 hanks of Catalina's Alpaca Worsted in NY55 colorway, 200m/100g
Yarn (CC): 1 hank of Berocco's Ultra Alpaca, 200m/100g
Needles: aluminum Inox US9 for Catalina, aluminum Inox US10.5 for Berocco
Time spent: just at 2 weeks
Notes: I did one repeat of Chart 1, but if I had not, only the 3 alpaca hanks were needed. My careful calculations hint that my heavier version of this shawl would be a good substitute to knit instead of a Clapotis for the same amount of yarn. I will be confirming this theory with either TC's New Tweed or Horstia's Silk/Wool yarns.

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