Monday, September 25, 2006

Icarus - restart?

I had put Icarus away because right now all I need for projects are no-think-ums. Baby hats, baby booties, a filet afghan that I also finished. The baby is due any time from now till 3 weeks from now.

My grandma who tried to teach me how to knit died this past month too, so no-think-ums were definately on the menu for knitting. And someone, I lost the pm telling me who, from Knitters' Review sent me a small care parcel of Jaeger Siena mercantized cotton. I have more than enough to make Icarus out of it instead of the alpaca that has been driving me batty. The card said to make my daughters matching sweaters, but I'd rather make something they could curl up in. The filet afghan finally got my Irish Diamond Shawl out of DD's hands, but she still uses it whenever she can.

So, I'm in the process of frogging Icarus so I can restart it for the umpteeth time in cotton. It is a beautiful pale purple/lavendar colour that I adore. And it should go faster too. But I won't really be concentrating on it until a few months after Bitty's born. Which means I'll be able to save the Alpaca for something feltable.

I am so giddy. Yarn. What a wonderful present!

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