Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hi everyone! My name is Becki and I'm just starting on Icarus. I finished Seraphim a couple of weeks ago and didn't really think I wanted to do any more shawl-knitting for a while...but then...the yarn I had earmarked to someday use for Icarus was just too pretty to wait.

Alpaca Cloud
It's Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks, in the Iris color.

Also, on account of me being a Latin teacher, the name "Icarus" alone made this pattern irresistible! :-) My goal is to have Icarus finished by the time my AP Latin class starts reading "Daedalus & Icarus" this year. Should be a very manageable goal since we don't even start on Ovid till the spring semester! But hey, I can always use additional visual aids in class, right?

This is the first KAL I've joined, so I look forward to seeing everyone's progress and sharing my own. And now, I'll leave you with a parting picture of my progress so far:


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Lucinda said...

Icarus for a latin teacher -- how fitting!

It looks like we've got two people using the same yarn. Laurel just started with the same color.

I'm not quite ready to start mine, as I'm still working on a different one of Miriam's shawl.