Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Progress - graphs are okay..

I have the first Icarus graph as a photocopy beside me and I'm marking off lines as I do them. I'm now on chart 1, row 12 and I'm finding this cotton a dream to work with unlike the Alpaca I had. I only have the one chart copied at the moment and when I finish the first repeat, I'm going to get a second one and continue to do that in order to keep where I am straight. I got lost the first time through with the Alpaca and just about went nuts trying to figure out where I was, or wasn't. This way, I can destroy the graph, but keep my original pattern nice and locked away in my desk drawer. I've also enlarged the graph pattern so I won't need a magnifyer to read it.

I really should just concentrate on no-think-ums for the next while, but Icarus is bugging me. It wants to be made. So I'm going to work on it.

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