Saturday, September 09, 2006

83 stitches remain on the needle.

12 inches of yarn remain.

I should be in tears but I saw this coming.
I frogged my my swatch just before the center stitch and tied it on. But that wasn't enough.


froggy_dear said...

Oh no! Do you have some yarn in a similar color? If you do and it's plied, you could unply it and use a single ply.

What kind/color of yarn are you using?

Kel said...

my sympathies. I also ran out of yarn and did a crochet cast off, which is way too tight to block out the points. You have all the hugs and coos i can muster!
good luck!

Helen said...

Froggy_dear finished her (white) shawl with a couple of rows of pale blue - could you finish with a different colour?

Bronwyn said...

Argh! How frustrating! I'm not there yet but I suspect I will be, even if the Yarn Harlot made it with only two. *hugs*!

Denise~ said...

I finished with something similar in color (but heavier weight). It's okay. I blocked it and no one but a knitter looking close would notice the errors. I wore it last night and love the feel of it. I'll post pics - as soon we find the charger to the camera.

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

I vote with denise. Can you find a close color match? If so, tink back to the beginning of the bind off and bind off the whole thing with the new yarn.

If you go with the 'same weight, different color' route, like froggy_dear did, see if you like the way her's turned out.