Sunday, July 29, 2007

Woo-hoo - finished! Loved this pattern so much! [About a gazillion close-ups on my blog]

I did it in's laceweight [Bombon and Sunshine] and got the colour change idea from Craftster. The colour choices are supposed to be; the frame and part of the feathers have already been burnt by the sun and are smouldering, whilst the [highly flammable] feather tips are actually on fire.

My only difficulties were with not using lifelines [duh!] and the varying ways of doing yarn overs depending on whether between knit stitches, knit & purl stitches etc.

I can't stop wearing this and am now officially addicted to lace knitting!

Thanks so much for this KAL - great fun watching everyone's progress and different yarn choices.


Nicole said...

Very pretty! The color change is a neat idea.

I hear you on the lifelines bit. I did use them, and was VERY glad as there were several times I needed them. (I'm not actually done with mine yet, but am hoping to not need the lifelines again...)

Katie said...

Love the color change! Your shawl looks great.