Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello All!
Well, I've gotten off my butt and decided to get back to knitting. I think I had some pretty good excuses (grad school, thesis...), but I'm happy to be back to it.

My Icarus, that I'm knitting out of the laceweight Misti Alpaca (sooo soft!!!!), is officially 20% done. Which means I'm still on the first chart and knitting endless, ever-increasing rows of stockinette. But, I will not be defeated! The fact that I can definitely see it growing is a good sign:

More rambling on the blog, but I'm happy to be back.


Nicole said...

Very pretty! It looks oh-so-soft, which must be nice to knit with.

Linz said...

Thanks, Nicole!
It really is sooooo soft! Every so often, I stop to pet it, and don't go back to knitting for a while!