Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Icarus is done! And it's lovely. It was such a great pattern to knit. (That it took so long is a testament to my project polygamy, not to the pattern itself.)

Cast on: January 2007.
Cast off: 21 August 2007.

Knit in KnitPicks Shadow, in the Oregon Coast colorway. Edges beaded with jade chips. I used a 3.25 mm circular bamboo needle (metric knitting needle sizes make more sense, so I'm trying to switch... but that's a US 3) of whatever length Miriam suggested in the pattern... I forget. (Note to self: use a pointier needle for lace next time.)

Icarus Shawl 22

Icarus Shawl 26

Icarus Shawl 28

More details and pictures can be found at my blog (either Blogger or Wordpress).


Sian said...

Really stunning Nicole, well done!

Ceme Knits said...

Absolutely stunning! You've inspired me to pick mine back up and start knitting.

Nicole said...

Thanks! I had fun with it, especially the blocking stage.

JANET said...

How did you like the Knitpicks Shadow? I've been hesitant about trying the yarn.

Nicole said...

Janet: I enjoyed it. It wasn't the nicest yarn in the world, but it was quite worth the price. It feels like it will work well with this pattern, and be nice and warm in the fall. I would definitely use it again. *However,* I do plan on using something with some silk in it for my next shawl that I make for myself.