Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Okay, I feel such a moron for asking this but here goes.

I have only just started Icarus and already hit a snag. I just cannot get the hang of the chart. I down loaded the pattern from Mim Knits, followed the written instuctions up to row 5 (Row 5 and I'm in trouble, good grief!) and about there everything goes wrong as by the time I get to row 8 I have 19 stitches.
Okay, that's what it says is the count on the written instructions. Time to get the chart out and the little squares number only 9, now I know that these represent either stitches or knitting operations as it were but even counting the decreases as a stitch each there are only eleven actual stitches represented on row one of the chart. I know I'm being dense but I know also that this is why I joined the KAL.


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Ok so here goes with an answer. Forgive me if it is overly simplistic or if it doesn't quite get at the root of your problem. Please don't hesitate to ask for additional clarification.

Since I have a different copy of the pattern than you do, I'm assuming, from the information that you gave, that you only have a one half chart for each row instead of having every stitch laid out.

In that case, it is easiest to think of the shawl as two wedges that are exactly alike. Each of these wedges is bordered by your two border stitches on either the right or left edge of the shawl and one center stitch in the middle of the shawl.

This means that you would knit the two border stitches as you've been doing, then start into the main "wedge" pattern on the chart after your YO.

The first row of the chart uses up 7 of your stitches and creates 2 YOs. It starts with a K1, K2tog, and ends with a K1.

After you've done that you would work your center stitch as YO, K1, YO, then start the same row of the same chart over again, using up 7 more stitches and creating another 2 YOs as alluded to above.

Then it is on to the YO and two border stitches to finish off the row.

I'm happy to write out the first row of the pattern to you over email if that would make things clear. Send me a note if need be, kisforknitter AT gmail DOT com

Miriam said...

Yes, it sounds like you're only looking at half of the chart. On the downloadable version, even though the chart is split (to facilitate folding) the rows continue across BOTH wedges. Also, keep in mind the shape of the shawl and how the shape is made, consult the Construction section for that info.

Sian said...

I understand now, phew what a relief! Thank you both so much.