Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chart 4, how I love/hate thee!

Icarus Shawl 14

The love should be obvious. It's such a pretty design, and the pattern is fun to work. Then again, the hate should be obvious, too.

Icarus Shawl 13

It's so big! The rows go on FOREVER!!!

I'm trying to get at least a row done a day in the hopes of finishing this up soon. We shall see how well that works, since each row is a significant time commitment at this point. I am very much looking forward to adding beads to this sucker. I have them purchased and all ready to go, but am not going to show them off until they're actually ON the shawl.

One last picture for closing, just because I love the design. (thanks, Mim!)

Icarus Shawl 15


Sian said...

Keep at it Nicole, it's going to be lovely.
ps. Will you knit mine for me? :)

toya said...

wow,, your shawl on your blog are beautiful

Amanda said...

It looks fantastic! This motivates me to dust off my Icarus this weekend and see what happens.

gray la gran said...

you know, i should knit one row a day, at the very least! then, perhaps i'd finish before the weather turns cool again.
either way, i'm sure you'll beat me to the finish :)
i look forward to the finished shawl pictures, including beads!

Nicole said...

Thanks guys!

Once this week is over I should have more time to knit, so I hope to finish up Icarus in July. (Just in time for the heat of summer...)