Sunday, July 29, 2007

Woo-hoo - finished! Loved this pattern so much! [About a gazillion close-ups on my blog]

I did it in's laceweight [Bombon and Sunshine] and got the colour change idea from Craftster. The colour choices are supposed to be; the frame and part of the feathers have already been burnt by the sun and are smouldering, whilst the [highly flammable] feather tips are actually on fire.

My only difficulties were with not using lifelines [duh!] and the varying ways of doing yarn overs depending on whether between knit stitches, knit & purl stitches etc.

I can't stop wearing this and am now officially addicted to lace knitting!

Thanks so much for this KAL - great fun watching everyone's progress and different yarn choices.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

She's done.

Here are a few glamour shots if anyone is interested.

Definitely love. Beautiful pattern Miriam. Thanks for all of your advice and encouragement along the way.

More information about the yarn, etc. on my blog.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello All!
Well, I've gotten off my butt and decided to get back to knitting. I think I had some pretty good excuses (grad school, thesis...), but I'm happy to be back to it.

My Icarus, that I'm knitting out of the laceweight Misti Alpaca (sooo soft!!!!), is officially 20% done. Which means I'm still on the first chart and knitting endless, ever-increasing rows of stockinette. But, I will not be defeated! The fact that I can definitely see it growing is a good sign:

More rambling on the blog, but I'm happy to be back.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm rather excited I was able to join up with this K-A-L. I have been wanting to make this shawl forever. I am on the search for the perfect yarn as you read this...any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe something from knitpicks...Shadow maybe...

I hope to make two this year. One just to make and one for a Krystmas gift for my grandmother.

Wish me luck...