Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Here's my Icarus.
I'm about to begin chart two. I have enjoyed every stitch, because the pattern is stunning and the yarn was dyed especially for me.

I have exactly 800 meters, and I do think some will remain, but I want to use every last inch, if possible. My proposal is this: putting chart one aside, and using a provisional cast on, complete the remaining three charts, and then grafting the two together. That way, if (and that's a big if) I have more yarn, I can add extra repeats of chart one. Has anyone attempted to graft more than stockingette? I think it should be possible. However, it may break up the vertical line of the shawl, so I'm quite hesitant about this.

That said, I will use my new digital scale to determine the weight of my remaining yarn and calculate all the stitch requirements before I make my decision.

This knit-a-long is a fabulous resource! I had no idea such a thing existed. Thanks to all for participating.


soCherry said...

Wow - you've really thought about this! I would do:

Provisional cast on - then knit the last 3 rows of the chart one before beginning the feather charts - then grafting should be easier.

You just have to remember not to finish the final repeat of chart one in the main body shawl knat part - stop 3 rows early so the grafting will match.

Good luck - I can't wait to see how you progress with this!

Elaine x

soCherry said...

did that make sense? ...

Misstea said...

Yes, it absolutely did. I figured I would purl across for the first row from the provisional cast on (meaning the last row of chart one). That way, I'm only dealing with one patterned row, and one I am very familiar with. Three rows is better, more of a base for chart two. I will most likely try it on scrap yarn first.

But if I add more repeats, I won't have the right number of stitches. Oops. Need to think about this some more.

Thank you for your feedback.

Nicole said...

I would suggest taking a look at Chart 4 and/or the border, and seeing if there is a way you could add extra repeats there instead of in the middle. That way, if you have lots of yarn left over when you finish Chart 4, you just repeat that section (or maybe repeat Chart 3 - I haven't looked at the details of how they would line up). Or perhaps do extra border rows.

But due to the stitch increases, I wouldn't do a provisional cast-on to increase the size in the middle of the shawl.

Maybe you could ask Miriam for her advice?

soCherry said...

Oh ... I forgot to consider extra repeats = extra stitches :0)

*slaps head* lol!

Good luck!
Elaine x

Ms. M said...

This provisional cast-on idea sounds like just the right idea - I'm almost done the 5th chart 1 repeat on mine, but I'm not even halfway through my yarn! So now I wonder if there's enough room for a 6th chart one before I start the feathers.

I'd love to see pics as you go. Hope it works out!