Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New joiner here.

I just cast on for Icarus on Groundhog Day. I managed to get to row 27 of chart one before i found a few errors and ripped the whole thing. Since then, i cast on again and am on row 15 of chart one now. That's it so far, but i plan to work on it tonight. I'll post a pic next time.

Did anyone decide to go with a different needle size? I'm going to read backward to see.

Happy knitting everyone.



Lynn Bethke said...

I used a size 4 needle, but I did end up using more yarn than called for, but not terrifically more.

Carol said...

You seem to be a knitting lady just like my Mom. Whenever she gets time she sits with it n start kniiting.

happy knitting to you.