Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I made lots of progress this weekend - though the shawl looks very similar to the last pictures! I'm on the 4th repeat of chart one. I like the rhythm of chart one, though I'm surprised that I like the pattern rows so much better than the purl rows - I thought I'd find the pattern rows more stressful and enjoy the rest row more. I'm glad I've seen all the pre and post blocking pictures on the KAL because it looks kind of scrunchy and poopy - not very beautiful right now!

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hootsister said...

Beapea, I'm jealous! I'm still on the 1st repeat of chart 1. I just finished mittens for another KAL so I am going to put some time into my shawl this week.
I agree with you , I like the knit rows better that the purls.