Friday, November 17, 2006

Hola KALsters!

It's been many months since Icarus was published, and things have slowed down around here a bit, but there are new KALsters trickling in every week. So, keep posting! :)

I just got an email from Miriam Felton. She says:

I've got a couple bits of news that might be worth a post, but since I'm not part of the KAL, I can't post them. I have discovered some errors from my original intent on the 4th chart of the pattern and in the final border rows. I posted about it in this post. They're bolded, but they're in the modifications section of the FO specs.

Also, I will be offering the Icarus shawl as a stand-alone pattern shortly. I understand that it's getting more difficult to find copies of the magazine.

If you're currently knitting or planning to start, head over to Miriam's blog and check out the corrections. And if you're searching for a copy of the pattern, keep an eye on her blog too.

Thanks folks,

Lynn (aka froggy_dear)

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