Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is my first post, although I have been working on Icarus since the end of June. This is my first lace project. I am making it for my mother, whose birthday is Aug 17 - one week from today. I have just finished up chart 3, and am thrilled to see the feathers emerging.

I am hoping to clean house tomorrow, and spend the weekend knitting my fingers raw to get this done by Sunday night, block on Monday/Tuesday and get in the mail Priority by Wed. It may be a day late, but my mom won't mind.

I want to add beads - I have some beautiful ones already picked out, and I have read other posts about adding beads, but have not been able to mentally figure out where people have put them. I would appreciate any input (with detailed instructions) on where in the pattern people put their beads.

It is so wonderful to see everyone else's shawl emerging, and realize that the blocking really does make this mass of yarn look so fantastic.

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Miriam said...

With the original submission I had added beads. I place them on the right side row after the row with the yo4's on the stitch just above the yo4's so that the beads sort of accented those yo4's. I used the method documented here ( but using fishing line threaded through the stitch instead of a crochet hook, and some glass Czech druk bead from Fire Mountain Gems.