Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hi -- I'm Emily in British Columbia. I haven't done much lace knitting before the Icarus shawl, but I really love this pattern -- or, I guess I should say, I love the photo of the finished product, but whether I'll ever get there.....

First I chose a lovely soft green lace yarn, but the owner of the yarn store (who knows how much of a 'fidget factor' I've got) said that she thought the kazillion rows of mostly plain knitting would kill me. So I decided to try one of those gorgeous Hand Maiden 'painted' yarns, thinking that the color changes would make the plain knitting bearable.

Well, I got on the plane for a long trip, and 20 rows into Icarus I could see that the color variations were too large: the shawl was coming out striped in a way that really detracted from the lace pattern. Woe! What am I going to do with those 3 very expensive skeins?

But I found a yarn store while on holidays, and bought 3 skeins of Kid Seta (mohair/silk) in a multicolor that works well for this pattern. [How do I post a photo? I'm totally new to blogging!]

So now I am home from my holiday, and into the 4th repeat on Chart 1... these rows take almost 20 minutes to knit! And it is boring... I am thinking that I will skip the 5th repeat of chart 1, as the shawl is already quite large. And thanks everyone for mentioning that the yarn yardage might be skimpy. I've only got 690 yards, so I guess I'm likely to come up short anyway. Now if I can just remember the name of that store where I bought this yarn....

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JANET said...

I stopped after 4 repeats of Chart 1, and the shawl looks to be a nice size - big enough, but not huge. I think it would be doable even to do 3 repeats, and then onto charts 2,3 and 4 and edging.
The HandMaiden stuff is gorgeous - how about a lacey camisole with it?