Thursday, May 25, 2006

Projects other than this shawl.

How many of you are focusing on this shawl only? Are any of you working on other things? I'm just curious!


froggy_dear said...

I have a ton of projects going! Other than this shawl (which is getting pitifully little attention), I'm working on knit and tonic's Somewhat Cowl, a pair of socks, and assorted things that are on the back burner.

I'm a poly-knitter. :D

rincaro said...

Right now I'm focusing on a prayer shawl (Cozy) for a friend who lost a young daughter. But I will be right back to Icarus as soon as I finish!

Inky said...

I have way to many to list--it's my nature!! I am two rows from finishing Mim's Seraphim but running into problems (this chart thing is new for me!). And Saturday I hope to make it to the LYS to check out some Zephyr for Icarus, even though I have perfectly good laceweight at home, lol!!

Romi said...

I do have a few other things going, but I'm not working on them for now because lace screws up my gauge for other knitting so badly. It takes a little while to get it back, so I'm just doing this shawl for now. :)

Val said...

I'm really addicted to this pattern. I want to take a break so i don't get bored and make mistakes, but I can't stop!!

Thanks for letting me know what else your knitting!!

Kim said...

I have other projects on the needles but I am focused on Icarus right now.

A pair of jaywalker socks for a coworker,
cashmere gloves for DH,
Not So Warm Coat for myself,
Variations on a Frill stoll for myself,
Soft Shoulders cable sweater for DH and myself,

Gee, I sound selfish don't I?

Carol in NoVa said...

I'm flipping and floating. If it's cool enough this weekend, I'm going to work on my Sandy Cardigan, otherwise I'll set aside days and work on Icarus on Saturday and Monday and my Bombshell on Sunday.

Kate A. said...

I've got a few projects that I recklessly set aside for the Icarus, which I'm devoted to for the moment. I'm in the middle of two big, wooly sweaters which seem to hot to deal with at the moment (plus one is really boring and the other requires some frogging before I can move on, so I need time to take that in). Then there's a pair of socks and a scarf that I keep hanging around so I have something easy to do while riding the train, walking in the park, or talking on the phone. Two other sweaters that got to frustrating sleeve-related stages that I can't deal with right now. And some lace pillow-case panels that require too much concentration (oddly enough, they're much easier to screw up than Icarus). How's that for having a few other things on the line?

Abigale said...

Hi, I just joined - I started Icarus as a break from my Off Center Log Cabin Bedspread that is taking foreeevvveeerrrrrrr, but it's going to be nice!

I'm also working on a pair of socks (as per always) Just plain vanilla, 2x2 ribbed Sockotta - in blues.

Plus my spinning and spindling projects... Not to mention the TOAD's and various other UFO's that are lurking around my house, but as far as what I'm actually working on - that's it for now.

Have fun!