Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I love knitting with bamboo needles...but why are bamboo circs so horrible at the joins? I started using the circs since this was my first project using laceweight yarn. I was afraid the yarn would slip off slippery Addis. But the stitches keep getting stuck at the join and sometimes I really have to pull hard to get them onto the needle. It's really frustrating and makes knitting slower for me? Any suggestions besides switching to Addis? If I do switch needles will it change my gauge and make my stitches look different? Argh, this shawl is kicking my butt right now!!

Edit: oh yeah, I'm on the 3rd repeat after ripping out twice!


Miriam said...

what brand of bamboo circulars are you using? My favorite bamboo circs are clovers, but all in all, I just prefer addi turbos (can't STAND addi natura). But if you find the addi turbos too slippery, maybe try clover bamboo.

Changing needles is more likely to change the way you knit than to change your gauge per say. But this in turn changes your gauge. So if you're just switching to another bamboo needle of the same size, it shouldn't change it TOO badly. Besides, blocking hides a multitude of ills :)

Val said...

I'm using Clover. I'm toughing it out for now.